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Summer of '42

Originally published by Putnam in 1970

Film produced by Warner Bros.  Raucher nominated for Academy Award for his screenplay.


Three fifteen year old boys (the self-proclaimed “Terrible Trio”) share their last moments of innocence, one of them forever changed by his love affair with an older woman. 



“Summer of ‘42 is a charming and tender novel… The overall effect is one of high hilarity.  Raucher is a comic-artist who is able to convey the fears and joys…of the boy and at the same time give older a readers a wrench in the heart. ” – Publishers Weekly


“This account of a fifteen year old Brooklyn boy’s induction into the ranks sings beautifully indeed…By leavening his four-letter prurience with some highly romantic pathos, Raucher has written a pop masterpiece:  a dirty book that makes the reader feel clean.” – The Washington Post

A Glimpse of Tiger


Originally published by Putnam in 1972


Janice "Tiger" McAllister, a 19-year-old college dropout and runaway from middle America, becomes the lover and partner in crime of Luther, a suave, goofy, 30-something con artist in Manhattan.



“An utterly different contemporary love story.” – Publishers Weekly


“A brilliant job… of creating two zany characters who live in a fantasy world on the very edge of reality…Bright and cleverly told.”  – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

There Should Have Been Castles

Originally published by Delacorte in 1978


A writer who can’t seem to make it falls for a dancer who can’t miss in 1950’s Manhattan and Hollywood through the letters they exchange before they ever meet.



“Quite simply a wonderful novel, tender, warm, humorous…poised to repeat the popular success of Summer of ’42.” – Bookviews


“A rapturous sex castle.” – Publishers Weekly

Maynard's House

Originally published by Putnam 1979


A young war vet struggling to embrace the ancient, isolated Maine house bequeathed to him by his killed-in-action confidante finds himself locked in battle with supernatural forces, guided only by the ghostly warnings of his slain friend.



“An unsettling experience.  Miles above the occult sludge recently pouring from publishing houses… confounding, touching and well-written.” – The New York Times Book Review


"It's not only the Maine winter that'll raise goosebumps in this tale...First-rate haunted-house creepiness." – Kirkus

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